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The official blog of Montreal portrait and wedding photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. Explore her signature photojournalistic style and stay up to date on her latest wedding and portrait photography projects here.

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9 : Aunt Magda Ceramics

Stepping into Renee’s ceramics studio, my nose was greeted with a myriad of intriguing aromas. 

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3 : Kat

Before we met, Kat warned me that she had just one face. I’m sure that after a few scrolls you’ll agree that she rocked her blond locks from all angles. 

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2 : Mature Young Adults

I arrived on set at 8am to a hive of activity and collaboration. Filming was already in full swing, the third consecutive 16-hour day.

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1 : bonjour

This blog aims to dive beneath the surface of a few glossy magazine photos to share the stories and layers underneath.

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