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Blog 75 : Tara and Petros

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I get a call from Petros. "Selena, any chance you'll be in Vancouver at the end of June?" It’s an unexpected question given that I currently live in Montréal and last saw Tara and Petros in Calgary. The question was a long shot yet the timing was impeccable; I had just booked a ticket for a conference in Seattle earlier that week. “Actually, yes,” I say. "Perfect," he says. "I want you to photograph my marriage proposal to Tara. Imagine 'Amazing Race' meets 'Escape Room'." With that intriguing image in mind, I assure him that I will take care of it.

By the time Petros sent me the Excel document with the final schedule for the day, there were forty-three line items of activities spanning four hours. His meticulous capacity for logistics and planning was nothing short of inspirational. With my videographer Sid, I would be covertly capturing Tara at each location the clues led her to, always staying one step ahead. Petros's inspiring scavenger hunt and clues are personal and thoughtful, taking Tara from their house in downtown Vancouver through various locations within walking distance, before leading her to a romantic final spot near Second Beach. Most importantly, Petros's proposal involved their entire community, with over 30 friends involved with helping formulate the clues and hints, and their entire immediate families helping craft the final surprise in Stanley Park.


It’s no SPG, but it’s the closest thing to our apartment. 

Go to where the location’s bellhops greet patrons at its “breezeway” entrance.

Indoors (in front of the entrance and under an odd-looking chandelier), you’ll see a piece of (functional) luggage. (Definitely much larger than the carry-on’s I approve of us to travel with.) Inside of it, you’ll find an envelope. 

Take the envelope, drop off your clothing bag and then head off to your next destination.

Go here. Now. You have 5-10 min.

Clue Solution: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver


Go ahead and grab breakfast here:


You have 15 minutes to get there.

Clue Solution: Medina Cafe



You have 55 minutes to complete this. Once completed, show it to your waiter for your next envelope.

Clue Solution: Vancouver Public Library


Find this at 350 W Georgia St:

891.551 J26so*

You have 15 minutes to find the book and the envelope inside.

Go to this location’s Reception desk for an envelope:

  • the Vancouver 

  • 01000  00101 01001  00101 0100

  • 01000   11101 00000  10100 11000 10011  00010 00101 01010 01001  01100 1

Once you’re there, find the “Daughters of India” book on the third floor rotunda*, where you’ll find nostalgia tucked away.

You have 25 minutes to get there and the envelope.

Clue Solution: Vancouver Art Gallery, Exhibit "Moving Still: Performative Photography in India"

Clue #5

Complete the following puzzles, reference the following sheet, fill-in the blanks below and then solve for the name at the bottom:

i. _ _          
ii. _ [_] _ _ _       
iii. (_) _ _ _ _      
iv. _ <_> _             

(_)hi, gr<_>-L[_]

You have 10 minutes to get the location above. Once there, ask for an envelope at the location’s front desk.

i. "After Tara punched me in the (_____). Seriously.“
ii. When in Williamsburg, be sure to avoid (____) avenue late at night.
iii. You can almost die from wolfing on (_____) (and guac).
iv. Count the hot air

Clue Solution: Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

Clue #6

You’ve gotten this far! And, also, your timing isn’t too bad.

No time to rest, though. (I know, I know...) Get a change of clothes, leave your previous outfit in the bag in the changing room (be sure to take your pencil/pen, umbrella, headset, make up and brush), do your makeup and hair, and then grab a cab to:

“Second Beach Concession”

From there, walk to Second Beach Swimming Pool’s admission office.

Simply ask staff for a special envelope. 

Stay dry. (If it’s raining, of course).

Solve the missing coordinates below.

49.29_(_)8<_>, -12[_].15_400 *

When completed, walk to the location.

Leave everything (but your phone and umbrella) behind with the staff at Admissions.

You have 10 minutes left. Watch your footing. 

And follow the petals once you’ve arrived at your destination.

a) When did Soul Search incorporate? (MM-DD)
_ _ - _ [_] 

b) How old is Dumu (in dog years)?

c) The year that Ghenet and Mulugheta got married.
_ _ <_> _ 

d) The jersey number of a long-time Canucks (and Bijan's) fan favorite; they shout "Luuuuuuuu" when he saves. 

e) The year Manijeh and Mehran got married.
_ _ _ _ 

This Life by Selena Photography blog post about couples photography and wedding photography was produced by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. This video was captured by Vancouver videographer Siddarth Chauhan, video edited by Selena Phillips-Boyle, and animation by Emma Corby. Selena often travels to Edmonton for photographic projects and accepts commissions worldwide.

Cet article de blogue sur la photographie de couple et la photographie de mariage Life by Selena était produit par Selena Phillips-Boyle, photographe montréalaise. La vidéo était prise par vidéaste de Vancouver Siddarth Chauhan, le montage vidéo par Selena Phillips-Boyle, et l'animation par Emma Corby. Selena voyage souvent pour des projets photographiques et elle accepte des contrats dans le monde entier.