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This is a Life by Selena Photography blog featuring recent photographic and video projects by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. This blog is my new initiative aimed at sharing a wider selection of photos: the spontaneous fits of laughter, the up-dos and the flowers, and your grandma dancing all the young folks off the dance-floor. I’ll be showcasing new projects on Mondays and throw-backs on Thursdays, with a potpourri of smaller projects dusted in between.

3 : Kat

Before we met, Kat warned me that she had just one face. I’m sure that after a few scrolls you’ll agree that she rocked her blond locks from all angles. During our photo session I was struck by her piercing eyes and fierce gazes. So naturally I couldn’t resist asking her to hyperbolize the direction of her gaze: cue eyesballs left, cue eyesballs right.  

Kat’s passion for music is contagious, and spending time with Kat I feel this strange mixture of calmness and incredible creative energy. Stay tuned for a music video collaboration with Kat Burns aka Kashka next spring. In the meantime, check out her many delicious beats including her official music videos, the Kashka Music Sessions, and my personal favourite, Kat Burns in her lair drinking beer. Mmm, beer...

Tech Specs
Date: October 21, 2015
Location: Toronto, ON (in studio)

Equipment: Canon 5diii, Canon 24-105mm, Canon 35mm, Canon 85mm

Next up
On Monday I share a recent beachside e-sesh with Cathy and Gianmarco.

This article about Portrait Photography was written by the Montreal-based portrait photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle.