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4 : Cathy & Gianmarco

It’s six o’clock and I’m an hour into a city-island shoot, a dashingly handsome couple in front of me. Cue the somewhat worn but never out-of-fashion beachside props: massive weeping willows, warm grains of sand, wild grasses swaying in the wind. Have you ever been so focused on the world vis-à-vis the viewfinder that you neglected to notice a naked gent ambling along the shore? The beauties and eccentricities of Hanlan’s Point Beach.

Exploring a bit further along, we chanced on a gaggle of young men, all in disco dance party regalia. Desires for intimate space foiled again! My favourite shots of the day emerged when we found a quiet space along a haphazard arrangement of jagged rocks. Finally, I was able to recede into the background and let G&C’s natural ease and fits of laughter come into focus.

The shoot was over: mission accomplished. Time to investigate the discothèque.

Tech Specs
Date: August 22, 2015
Location: Toronto Islands, ON
Equipment: Canon 5diii, Canon 24-105mm, Canon 35mm, Canon 85mm

Next Up
On Thursday I throwback to a fall wedding with a giant deck of cards.

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