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This is a Life by Selena Photography blog featuring recent photographic and video projects by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. This blog is my new initiative aimed at sharing a wider selection of photos: the spontaneous fits of laughter, the up-dos and the flowers, and your grandma dancing all the young folks off the dance-floor. I’ll be showcasing new projects on Mondays and throw-backs on Thursdays, with a potpourri of smaller projects dusted in between.

28 : Jessa & Justin

Light. Photography is all about light. Newbies might think that photography is about composition or rule-of-thirds or lines, but anyone who lives and breathes photography will tell you that it’s really about light. Sometimes I’ll be mid-conversation, walking with someone down the street, when suddenly I’ll stop, transported to another world where the magic of light rules supreme and nothing else matters. Goodbye intellectual conversation.

Ah light. Photographing at the wrong time of day and light can ruin the most carefully planned photo shoot. Thankfully Jessa and Justin were available to meet for this shoot when the light was softening. The “magic hour” they call it. Or in a northern city like Edmonton, the "magic two hours”. Just long enough for our engagement session.

We decided to explore our old stomping grounds a the University of Alberta, the time in life J&J were at when they met. It’s shocking how quickly a campus can change in two short years. I exploited the architectural grandeur of the CCIS building to do a few land-ports. With the sunlight streaming over their shoulders, I captured their long shadows as they walked towards me. Did you know that you can change the place and number of light spots by altering the angle of the camera to the sun? And finally (finally!) I got to do some landports in front of the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Thanks J&J for the amazing e-sesh, and looking forward to your October wedding!

Tech Specs
Location: University of Alberta, Art Gallery of Alberta, Downtown Edmonton, Edmonton, AB
Date: May 24, 2016

Equipment: Canon 5diii, Canon 35mm, Canon 85mm

Up Next
On Friday I'll share photos from Cathy & Gianmarco's April wedding.

This article about wedding photography was photographed and written by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. She often travels to Edmonton for great photo assignments.