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32 : Katie & Larissa

Katie and Larissa (Selena Phillips-Boyle)

In my version of the story, it all started with guitar duets to the likes of First Aid Kit and Ingrid Michaelson in the living room of my first basement apartment. A year later when the three of us moved in together, it took all of three days before these two officially started dating. And finally, four years after that, it was an incredible pleasure to spend the day with Katie and Larissa and capture their wedding celebration.

White Toms on one bride, blue Chucks on the other, this was my style of wedding. With Larissa looking dapper in her suit and Katie killing it in her dress, we started off the afternoon with a portrait session and family photos. Red Willow Park made an idyllic backdrop, but seeing as it was underneath a flight path, I kept losing the attention of my brides every time an airplane flew past. It was worth it for the epic train trestle and sweeping trees in the park. In my favourite series of photos I gave Katie and Larissa some space to forget about me, while I was ankle deep in water, sneaking shots through the tall grasses. It’s impossible to contrive the incredible joy and laughter that they bring to each other’s lives, as seen in these photos.

In a twist of tradition, Larissa led the way down the aisle with her mom, before being joined by Katie and her dad. The ceremony itself was simple and direct, a perfect reflection of Katie and Larissa. By the end of my favourite wedding vow, Katie had promised Larissa that they would never have more than two cats, and that she would always be willing to play monopoly with her. As they greeted each guest in the receiving line, it was evident how deeply this community cares for this couple.

The reception and dance was full of music, planned and unplanned. When Katie’s siblings surprised them with a song covering all corners of their relationship, Katie was instantly in tears. A highlight of the evening was when Katie jumped in on lead vocals with her old band. Later, Larissa and Bradley kept up tradition with a one-legged dance-off. And finally, the entire RGS crew hit the dance floor when Rasputin came on.

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