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Blog 73 : Abbie and Elaine

Abbie and Elain Edmonton (Life by Selena Photography)_0007.jpg

Bubble tea. Food court arcade. Futuristic elevators. A classic date at West Edmonton Mall. As we replicate Abbie and Elaine’s first date, these are the spots they remember. They are iconic yet simple, innocent yet goofy, especially when you remember that their first date was over ten years ago when Abbie and Elaine were still in high school.

For me, shooting in the mall's arcade is a highlight of the session. Abbie and Elaine settle into their seats and grab the wheels of their favourite racing game, as excited as a pair of teenagers. They exchange a look before hitting the gas off the start line—this isn't their first race. Next, we move to a simple musical game of whack-a-note, their peals of laughter bringing home just how silly the game is. Finally, we move to a game of Monster Drop. Framed by neon pink lights, Elaine and Abbie figure out the rules together. I shoot through a sheet of glass, loving the reflections and layers it adds to my shots.

Despite the youthful energy of this photo session, the maturity and depth of Elaine and Abbie's relationship is inspiring. I see in their connection a dynamic of trust and support that includes moments of uplifting challenges. And even ten years after that first date, they still get beautifully lost in conversation together.

What would we do if we were to replicate your first date in a photo session? 

This blog post was written by Montreal wedding photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. Selena often travels to Edmonton for various photo projects. Here you can see a wedding at Edmonton's Holes Greenhouse and this Edmonton family session in their home. She also accepts commissions worldwide, so send her a message on her contact page if you have a project in mind!