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49 : Ian and Tracy

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Two weeks before the wedding, I received an email from Ian. He said, "Given the unfortunate conditions of the Toronto Island...we have decided to switch venues…We are also considering holding a smaller and more intimate ceremony in our apartment…Would you be available to take pictures at this ceremony before we all head over to the main event?"

If you've been following my blog for more than a hot sec, you might be aware that I've recently been exploring the intimacy of the home as a backdrop for photos. Was I available?? I jumped at the opportunity to photograph Ian and Tracy's wedding in their new home on Bathurst Street in Toronto. The day of their wedding, we squished their closest friends and family into their cozy living room. I staked out my one-foot square spot as the photographer and shot 90% of their ceremony photos from there. Pressed between people, the ceremony was full of laughter and support for the couple. For those of you who missed the ceremony, we've decided to share the vows here.

Ian's Vows
     I have been yours, and you mine, for the past seven years. At first, publically professing our love seemed unnecessary; our love was for each other and no one else. But as I’ve grown older with you, I realize more and more the primacy of family and friends. Giving love, rather than only taking it, is one of the many lessons you’ve imparted. This makeshift ceremonial space—our new home—is currently filled with loved ones. And I’m happy to let them into our union.
     We’ve shared our life for nearly a decade now. We have already been through the ebbs and flows of happiness and sorrow together. We have relocated across the country together. We have traveled across the ocean together. We have lived far above and far below the ground together. We have created a loving home for our two feline children, one unwaveringly precocious and one increasingly skittish. We love them all the same. I have supported you with every change in character and career; you have done the same for me. Whether during the extreme moments, like waiting into the wee hours of the morning while you were in emergency surgery, or during the prosaic moments, like simply admiring your beauty over dinner, I have had many hours to reflect on why I love you.
      You are the empathetic, calm, caring, klutzy, eager, gregarious, self-deprecating, bright, stylish optimist I need. You temper and complement the bad and good qualities of myself. I want to keep spending our lives together. I want you near for the rest of my moments—for the rest of our moments. I love you.

Tracy's Vows
      My love for you today is as strong as it was seven years ago. When we first met, I never thought I was meeting my best friend and future husband. You have accepted me and all that I am with such an amazing amount of love and kindness and you have shown me that I never have to go through anything alone, including emergency surgery.
     With every trial we face, we grow stronger as people and even stronger as a pair. With every change in our lives, with every move and every new job, we become closer and more in love. You challenge me to think in ways that I never have before, to take a moment and breathe when I need to, and to always be open and honest with the things that I am having difficulties with. You are always there when I need help or when I need a hug. You are the voice of reason when I need one and the encouraging push when I am full of doubt. You never judge me when I cry, even if it is at The Simpsons.
     I feel like I have known you my entire life and cannot wait to spend the rest of it with you. I more than lesbian you forever. I love you.

In my short time with Ian and Tracy, I saw a rare combination of support and autonomy between them. This was apparent in their vows as well which talk about their love that has evolved through a variety of changes. Later, their reception at the Artscape Sandbox was full of authentic laughter and joy as their community celebrated with them.

Vendors List:
Suit - Suit Supply
Dress - Modcloth
Wedding Bands - Metal Masters Co.
Engagement Ring - Blue Nile
DJs - Modern Love Wedding DJs
Officiant - Woven Threads (Christine Lafazanos)
Planner - Food Dudes (Jason Dinetz)
Ceremony Venue - Ian & Tracy's new house
Reception Venue - Artscape Sandbox
Catering - Food Dudes
Decorations - Ding Dong Decor

This Life by Selena Photography blog post about wedding photography was produced by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. Selena often travels to Toronto for photographic projects and accepts commissions worldwide. Here you can see another Toronto wedding by navigating to Toronto Island wedding or this big Toronto Italian wedding. This post was edited by Montreal writer Hannah Storrs.

Cet article de blogue sur la photographie de mariage Life by Selena était produit par Selena Phillips-Boyle, photographe montréalaise. Selena voyage souvent à Toronto pour des projets photographiques et elle accepte des contrats dans le monde entier.

Cet article de blogue sur la photographie de mariage Life by Selena était produit par Selena Phillips-Boyle, photographe montréalaise. Selena voyage souvent à Edmonton pour des projets photographiques et elle accepte des contrats dans le monde entier. Cet article de blogue fut révisé par l’écrivaine montréalaise Hannah Storrs.