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43 : Jon and Kristina

As you walk into the backyard, you are transported from the bustling streets of Montreal into a backyard haven. A fully stocked bar on site, the tiki torches glow bright in the fading light with the occasional server passing by with a tray of delectable treats. The night before their wedding, Jon and Kristina hosted an out-of-towners party,  an opportunity to spend a relaxed evening with far flung friends and family. As a habitual out-of-towner, I’ve often wished I could spend more time with the friends whose wedding I’m attending, so I thought this evening was a fabulous idea.

Move ahead to the day of the wedding. On the bride’s side, the room is the typical flurry of eyeshadows and lipsticks, with the occasional spritz of hairspray filling the room. Meanwhile, Kristina is serenely putting the final touches on the necklaces she had designed for the flower girls. As she slips into her dress and her best friends see her for the first time, Kristina’s calmness breaks for a short moment as the reality of the day hits her.

Over with the groom’s side, the gentlemen are busy tying bowties and fastening boutonnieres. Once they are ready to rock, they head out to the balcony to make some champagne toasts. Situated in the Old Port of Montreal, the view from the Hotel William Grey balcony is stunning.

Finally, each side is ready to start the day, and they make their way over to the pier at the Scena. Calm at first, Kristina begins the long walk down the pier. The excitement builds as Jon waits at the other end, anticipating the imminent tap of her hand on his shoulder. Finally, Kristina arrives, and the two of them are so genuinely happy to see each other. Their first look is gentle and filled with emotion. As they settle into each other’s arms, we take the time to photograph both the entire wedding party and each person individually. Photographing up on the pier offers many great shooting opportunities, one of the few spots in the Old Port that isn’t teeming with visitors and tourists. With the exposed beams framing the subjects, we make use of the strong lines for the series of wedding party portraits.

With seven years already between them, Jon and Kristina’s relationship was well established before their wedding day. I was struck by the deep intimacy shared between the couple and their in-laws. This was a celebration within an established family unit. Jon and Kristina’s wedding was an opportunity for the two of them to name into reality a more permanent way of being together. As Kristina leans in to kiss her bridegroom, it marks a new phase in an already flourishing relationship.

Wedding Vendors:
Hair and Makeup: Chelsea Dawn Chawsky
Hotel Venue and Catering: Hotel William Gray
Band and DJ: Off the Wall
Locations: Old Port of Montreal and the Scena
Dress and Veil: Ma Cherie Bleue
Gown: Isolde by Anais Anette
Veil: Laura Jayne Bridal
Alterations: Style Elegante
Bride's Pearl Crown: BHLDN
Bride's Shoes: The Bay
Suit: Suit Supply
Groom's Floral Bowtie: Suited Man
Groom's Shoes: Bourgeois Boheme
Groomsmen's Ties: The Bay
Officiant: Matthew Aronson
Cake: Petite Lapin
Rings: Ex Aurum Jewelers
Wedding Planners:

This Life by Selena Photography blog post about wedding photography was produced by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. The second photographer for the wedding was Sean Coulton with Coulton Photography. Videography was done by the talented duo Blythe and Matt Kingcroft with Blythe Leslie Photography. Here you can ses another Montreal Old Port wedding. This blog post was edited by Montreal communications professional Max Baru.

Cet article de blogue sur la photographie de mariage Life by Selena était produit par Selena Phillips-Boyle, photographe montréalaise. Cet article de blogue fut révisé par Max Baru, spécialiste de communication à Montréal.