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26 : Séries Habitantes

Series Habitantes

My photography voice has been a bit quiet lately on this blog and social media because I’ve been busy working away on a new project called Séries Habitantes. The basic idea of Séries Habitantes is a curated gift box highlighting the very best of Montreal artisans and handiwork. The focus of the project is to open a new way for Montreal artists to get their work out in the world. Some of the products we are featuring include ceramics, woodworking, paper goods, textiles, and of course gourmet consumables.

Our flagship box, la série, is our monthly box subscription. Each monthly box is curated to stand alone as its own entity. However, the full experience for la série comes when you order four consecutive months of boxes; each month of the series complements and completes the months around it. We’re also curating à la carte gift boxes like wedding gifts, housewarming presents, and boxes of all consumables. Finally, we also have au bureau boxes for the office like employee-of-the-month, to celebrate a promotion, or to spoil the whole office!

Séries Habitantes is a project that’s easier to describe with photos and a video. With Max running the cameras, I starred in our launch video to explain the project in greater detail.

To visually highlight the project, I ducked into my studio to do some product photos of our boxes. In these images you’ll see the work of some of our current artists including Aunt Magda Ceramics, Baltic Club, Monumentalove, Miel Mtl, and la Sérigraphe, to name a few.

Until May 9 we’re accepting orders for our first months of boxes through our Indiegogo Campaign. Afterwards we’ll be accepting orders directly through our website. Any friends in the Montreal area are welcome to attend our launch party on Thursday, May 5. (Event details here.) Beyond just the financial, there are other ways that you can support our project. We’ve learned to never under-estimate the power of the spoken word. Tell your family and friends about our boxes, share the project with your favourite artist, and give us a plug on the social media of your choice. And next time you see us, give us a good old-fashioned high-five! 

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This article about Product Photography was written by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle.