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This is a Life by Selena Photography blog featuring recent photographic and video projects by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. This blog is my new initiative aimed at sharing a wider selection of photos: the spontaneous fits of laughter, the up-dos and the flowers, and your grandma dancing all the young folks off the dance-floor. I’ll be showcasing new projects on Mondays and throw-backs on Thursdays, with a potpourri of smaller projects dusted in between.

22 : Gus and Adam

The cities of Sydney, London, and Vancouver are evenly distributed across the world’s timezones. In 2012, Gus and Adam, originally from Sydney, were living near London. Due to the political climate at the time, they weren’t legally able to get married in either city. The creative solution? After throwing a ripper of a black-and-white affair in Sydney, they flew to Canada for a Vancouver wedding!

The wedding brought together some of Gus and Adam’s favourite friends - and of course those able to attend due to their geographic proximity to Vancouver. Mrs. Gus even flew in for the celebration from Sydney. With such a small group we were able to enjoy a lavish harbourfront meal and some small-group photos in a nearby park, before watching the float planes come in at the harbour airport, schooners and pints in hand. Unfortunately, two of Gus and Adam’s favourite furry, four-legged gents⎼Jasper and Shelton⎼weren’t able to clear customs in time for the wedding.

One of the best of things about same-sex weddings is the freedom couples have to put aside the flavourless constraints of a prototypical wedding to add their own personal zest to the wedding. For example, Gus and Adam didn’t play the game of hide-and-seek that sometimes happens before a wedding stemming from the taboo prohibiting the groom from seeing the bride before the ceremony. Instead, they relaxed together before the ceremony, enjoying each other’s company. Another personal modification they made was walking up the aisle with a close friend. Then there was that moment near the end of the ceremony when out of habit the pastor pronounced them “husband and wife”. Words you wish you could take back.

Although I mainly attended this wedding as a guest, it was also a delight to snap a few shutters throughout the day.

Tech Specs
Location: Vancouver, BC
Date: September 27, 2012
Equipment: Canon 40d, Canon 28-105mm, Canon 50mm, Tokina 11-16mm

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