Life by Selena Photography


This is a Life by Selena Photography blog featuring recent photographic and video projects by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. This blog is my new initiative aimed at sharing a wider selection of photos: the spontaneous fits of laughter, the up-dos and the flowers, and your grandma dancing all the young folks off the dance-floor. I’ll be showcasing new projects on Mondays and throw-backs on Thursdays, with a potpourri of smaller projects dusted in between.

42 : Tara and Tim

The door of the apartment opens to the warm welcome of Tara and Tim. I’ve recently been exploring «the home» as a photographic environment. Although the home has more visual distractions than the studio, I have been delighted with the increased intimacy of shooting in this space.

40 : Haunting Negatives

Today I hand the transmitter to Ben Mitchell, historian of science, library science student, creative writer, bee enthusiast, and casual activist. Beyond his academic work on Nietzche, Ben studies the relationship between various forms of mysticism and science. In this post, Ben opens the door to the world of spirit photography through the experiences of naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.