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30 : Zürich Fashion Streeters

In May 2013 I hit the streets of Zürich, Switzerland to discover what people were wearing, and to find out a little bit of why they liked their outfits. I was delighted that most people were willing to talk with me and share a little bit about their clothing with me.

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22 : Gus and Adam

The cities of Sydney, London, and Vancouver are evenly distributed across the world’s timezones. In 2012, Gus and Adam, originally from Sydney, were living near London. Due to the political climate at the time, they weren’t legally able to get married in either city. The creative solution? Fly to Canada!

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19 : Hannah and Jarrett

These two wanted to get some couples portraits done, but Jarrett confessed to being painfully camera shy. Keen to make Jarrett feel at ease, I suggested that we go on a casual shoot, incorporating the idea of a prairie picnic and a game of cards.

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17 : Vik and Becky

My favourite part about weddings is witnessing two people come together to merge their traditions. This was particularly palpable at Vik and Becky’s wedding because of the differences between the Christian and Hindu traditions.

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15 : Matt & Annie

The phrase “backyard wedding” conjures up a potpourri of mental images. This wedding sifted through them all and picked out only the best ones. 

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10 : Paul's Honeybees

From 2009 to 2012, a telltale sign that fall had arrived was a text from my friend Paul inviting me to help harvest honey.

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8 : Michael & Steffi

Photographing this winter wedding in -40C was exhilarating, and resulted in some wonderfully spontaneous images.

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5 : Bree & Tyler

We incorporated many personal details into this fall wedding in Alberta.

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2 : Mature Young Adults

I arrived on set at 8am to a hive of activity and collaboration. Filming was already in full swing, the third consecutive 16-hour day.

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