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66 : Bunny and Claude (Artists in Studio)

Made with high-quality bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, Bunny and Claude specializes in creating underwear for women and men. Les tissus biologiques de bambou et coton de grande qualité forment la base de fabrication des sous-vêtements pour femmes et hommes de Bunny and Claude. Video by Life by Selena Photography.

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57 : Kristy Boisvert Illustration (Artists in Studio)

Dans ce premier court-métrage de ma toute dernière série « Les Artistes au Studio », je vise à saisir l’artiste Kristy Boisvert dans son milieu naturel.

In this short film, the first in my latest series "Artists in Studio", I aim to capture the artist Kristy Boisvert in her natural habitat.

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54 : Edmonton Artist Northlift Belts

I continue to be struck by the calmness with which artists approach their work. Normally rocking the 80s vibe and constantly cracking jokes, Artem displays an incredible calm and focus while he works. Montréal environmental portrait photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle shares portraits from the studio of Edmonton artist Northlift Belts.

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46 : City Witch

Tess Giberson is City Witch, an Ottawa artist and activist who works out of their home studio. As a photographer, a home studio offers many more layers and textures. The challenge is that each shot requires strong framing or a shallow depth of field to bring focus to the subject.

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34 : Capture CAPE (Exhibition)

Using the photographic style of environmental portraiture, Selena Phillips-Boyle captures CAPE farmers, their techniques, and their families, uncovering the intimate personality of their life and labour.
Dans un style photographique qui s’inspire du portrait environnemental, Selena Phillips-Boyle dépeint les fermiers de la CAPE ainsi que leurs techniques, et leurs familles.

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33 : Capture CAPE (Behind-the-Scenes)

There are few projects that will motivate me at 4am. Luckily for me, this was one of them. The project entailed travelling around the province of Québec, exploring small farms, intersecting with farmers of all kinds, and working with a solid video and photo team.

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27 : Nutritionist Alina Islam

I caught up with Alina, a nutritionist, at the Saint Lawrence Market. We stopped by the market for the fruits and veggies she would use in our shoot. I couldn't resist capturing her as she walked through the market carefully selecting avocados and hiding behind pints of cherry tomatoes.

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25 : Radio Action en Direct

Although the focus for a radio program is the auditory content, it’s also important for the audience to make a visual connection with the program’s speakers. The program du jour, Action en Direct (Direct Action), is a radio program produced by the Industrial Workers of the World here in Montreal.

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11 : Houtwerk Design

Stepping into Ashley’s woodworking studio felt like a familiar embrace.

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10 : Paul's Honeybees

From 2009 to 2012, a telltale sign that fall had arrived was a text from my friend Paul inviting me to help harvest honey.

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