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Blog 71 : Kate and Jordan Engagement Session

Kate and Jordan Engagement Cover Photo (Life by Selena Photography).jpg

I select a background, dark brown brick broken up with white vertical stripes. I want to give Kate and Jordan some space and a sense of privacy, so I ask them to sing their favourite song and dance together before I slip out of sight to capture their private moment through the magic of a telephoto lens. Jordan takes Kate's hand and draws her close—they dance casually, the way only good dancers can. They've done this before, many times before. In fact, it's dancing that first brought Kate and Jordan together.

The evening's changing weather keeps us on our toes. With one eye on the couple and one eye on the clouds, I move us to several locations around Edmonton's University of Alberta during the shoot to avoid raindrops and find spots that are sheltered from the wind. In one set of shots, the massive disorganized architecture of the old BioSci building looms in the background. In another, the modern glassy rails of the CCIS Building frame Kate and Jordan as they laugh together, comfortable and intimate. We go back outside and I use the blossoming Hawthorn trees to frame the couple. Finally we duck over to Assiniboia Hall, home to the Linguistics Department where Kate and I met, where I am delighted to see a lush bed of red-orange daffodils in full bloom.

Selena will be back in Edmonton to photograph Kate and Jordan's wedding in August, so more to come from these two! This blog post was written by Montreal wedding photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. Selena often travels to Edmonton for weddings. Here you can see a wedding at Edmonton's Holes Greenhouse and this wedding at Edmonton's Campus Saint Jean. She also accepts commissions worldwide, so send her a message on her contact page if you have a project in mind!