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55 : Minimalist Wedding Photography

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I have this wedding package I call the Heron. It’s last on the list of options I offer, and few people actually consider it. I’d like to take a moment to explain this long-legged bird, and give her a chance to take flight.

But, before I do, I should explain something: although my project docket is packed with a potpourri of specific shoots most of the year, I love to shoot weddings because, in some ways, they are the orchestra performance of a photographer’s complete skill set.

As an event photographer I’m required to capture the texture of ephemeral moments that bring meaning to happenings large and small.

As a portrait photographer I’m required to meticulously arrange each body in that family photo of 47 aunts, uncles, and cousins.

As a product photographer I’m required to catalogue all the rings, flowers, and centrepieces.

As a sports photographer I’m required to trace every flailing arm and shaking booty on the dance floor.

And I while I’ve become a professional maestra of weddings, I have become increasingly convinced that less is more.

You don’t get married for the photos, you get married to share the explosion of love you have for that cutie in your life. So, every now and then, I think about how to create conditions which would allow me to step out of the way...

And so, I guess that’s the goal of the Huron Package. Instead of “click click click” throughout the ceremony, I’ll grab that shot as the two of you meet for the first time in front of your family and friends. I’ll step forward to get that shot as you exchange rings. And I’ll be at the back of the room to photograph your triumphant faces as you grab each other’s hands and walk down the aisle together.

I’ll be with you throughout your entire wedding, as much time as you want.

But I’ll only take photos during the moments that matter most to the two of you.

20 moments from the start of the day to the end, picked out in advance.

Includes a beautiful photo album and large-size print of your choice.

A crafted and mindful photography service, the Huron Package requires more advance planning than any of my other packages. But it will give you a feeling of simple elegance with your wedding photography. Rather than an extended photo session with your wedding party, we’ll limit it to a few set-ups you dream of most. Of course we will can still leave room on the list for a few spontaneous shots --pre-planning does not take out the crucial element of spontaneity from photography.


Recently I photographed this Montréal wedding for Jon and Kristina. Here’s a sample of what it would look like if I were to select just 20 photos.

And here’s the same idea for this Toronto Island wedding with Emma and Alex.

Hopefully this package makes a bit more sense now. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this package in the comments.

This Life by Selena Photography blog post about wedding photography was produced by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle and Montréal communications professional Max Baru.

Cet article de blogue sur la photographie de mariage Life by Selena était produit par Selena Phillips-Boyle, photographe montréalaise et Max Baru, spécialiste de communication à Montréal.