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5 : Bree & Tyler

Cover Photo 5 : Bree & Tyler Wedding

Crib is an old card game of strategy and luck, competition and conversation. Leading up to their wedding, Bree and Tyler were dealing each other a lot of crib hands. So naturally I dug Bree’s suggestion that we incorporate a game of crib into their wedding photos. She found the perfect deck: super-sized red-and-white cards so big kisses could hide behind an open hand.

We worked other personal details into the shoot as well: we drove to the botanic gardens at Olds College where Tyler’s dad has taught for years, we stopped at a wheat field to bring us back to Bree’s country roots, and we drank hot chocolate at a favourite cafe. Since then, I’ve taken care to discover a couple’s favourite neighbourhood hangout and secret hobby to personalize their pictures and bring their character as a couple into the shoot.

Nowadays Bree and Tyler are sharing their time by revving up their motorbikes together. Maybe next summer I’ll throw on a helmet and grab a seat in their sidecar to snap some photos of them cruising down some good old country roads!

To Bree & Tyler : HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY !!

Tech specs
Date: November 12, 2011
Location: Olds, AB
Equipment: Canon 40d, Canon 28-135mm, Canon 50mm

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