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30 : Zürich Fashion Streeters

Blog 30 (Selena Phillips-Boyle)

Exploring new cities means exploring the nooks and crannies of new architecture and winding streets. Stopping in gourmet restaurants and holes in the walls and teasing your taste buds with new experiences. Looking at new fashion and ways of dressing.

In May 2013 I hit the streets of Zürich, Switzerland to discover what people were wearing, and to find out a little bit of why they liked their outfits. I was delighted that most people were willing to talk with me and share a little bit about their clothing with me. It was an adventure to explore the colours and textures that people are wearing on the streets.

This series of photos is inspired from a column called “Fashion Streeters” published in the Gateway newspaper, an idea put together by Edmonton photographers Julianna Damer and Dan McKechnie. The aim of this series is not to show what is most fashionable or à la mode, but rather to showcase what people are really wearing and how they put outfits together. Please also note that all conversations were translated from Swiss German or High German into English, and therefore some liberties may have been taken during my translation.

Alice (L) and Joelle (R)

Q – Alice, can you tell me what you are wearing today?
A – A jacket from a thrift store, All-Star shoes, jeans from H & M, and the undershirt from H & M, and the shirt from Manor.
Q – And can you tell me about your bag?
A – The bag I got from Fizzen.
Q – And you?
A – The shoes from Bürkliplatz, the leggings are from London, the shirt from Turkey, and the bag I just found.

Q – Joelle, what is your favourite thing that Alice is wearing?
A – The jacket.
Q – Why?
A – I find it classic.
Q – And Alice, what’s your favourite thing Joelle is wearing.
A – Her leggings.
Q – Why?
A – Because they are very in style right now.


Q – What are you wearing today?
A – Ya, just the usual. A shirt and a jacket, and, just normal.
Q – Where did you buy the jacket?
A – I got it from C & A.
Q – And the shirt?
A – The shirt was a gift from my friend. This bracelet is from Egypt. And my ring is from Yemen. My shoes are totally normal Swiss from Navyboot.

Q – What is your favourite thing from everything?
A – For me the most important things are the shoes and the pants?
Q – Why?
A – I like to always change and have good quality. The shoes of course because I walk a lot. And the jeans have to fit me nicely.
Q – Do you want to say anything else about clothes?
A – I always wear what I like. It doesn’t interest me what others are wearing. Simple and colourful is for me the most important.


Q – Can you explain to me what you are wearing today.
A – Well, this jacket, I made myself. And a shirt. And a pair of jeans.
Q – Can you tell me more about this jacket?
A – I make clothes as a hobby.

Kiara and Geraldine

Q – Kiara, what are you wearing today?
A -  I am wearing a pink blazer, a white tank top, a beige scarf, jeans and pink shoes.
Q – Can you tell me where you got these things?
A – Most everything is from Zara and the shoes are from Tod’s.
Q – Geraldine, what are you wearing today?
A – I have a sweater from En Soie, pants from Zara, and the shoes, I can’t remember where I got them from.

Q – Kiara, in your opinion, what your favourite thing that Geraldine is wearing today?
A – The sweater, because it’s cool.
Q – And Geraldine, what do you think is the favourite thing Kiara is wearing?
A – The shoes, because I have the same ones!


Q – What are you wearing today?
A – What I am wearing, so brands, or how I am feeling?
Q – Sure.
A – Light, sporty, relaxed.

Q – What is the favourite you are wearing?
A – My shirt and my jacket. Actually, everything in some way.
Q – Why the shirt?
A – I like men’s shirts, so loose and casual, and also with collars. One is so comfortable. One puts it on and one can combine it with so many other things.



Q – Can you tell me what you are wearing today?
A – A jean jacket and t-shirt, jeans, and sandals.

Q – Can you tell me more about your white t-shirt?
A – I bought it at Manor. The t-shirt is a little bit wider. There all these little strings hanging down. 
Q – What is the favourite thing you wore today?
A – My t-shirt.


Q – What are you wearing today?
A – From everything, I wanted to wear my flower pants, they are pretty flamboyant. They are from C & A. So then I wanted to find a colour that was fairly simple, so I chose this black t-shirt. And then I wore my red shoes to bring a little bit more colour into the outfit.

Q – And your bag?
A – This is my little bag, I always have it with me. Well, unless I need a bigger bag! I bought it on E-Bay.
Q – And you said your pants were your favourite?
A – Yes, definitely. They are the biggest thing.


Q – What are you wearing today?
A – Pants, a t-shirt, and a cardigan.
Q – What kind of pants are you wearing?
A – Striped pants from New York.

Q – Can you tell me more about your glasses?
A – The glasses I just got brand new from Burri Optik and they are from Linda Farrow.


Q – Can you explain to me what you are wearing today?
A – Well, pants, I don’t know what kind of material, and a jacket.

Q – What is your favourite?
A – My vest. My sister knitted this.
A – Everyone asks if I am going to a wedding. I’m not going to one. I just don’t like wearing jeans. This is simply my style.

This Life by Selena Photography blog post about portrait photography was produced by Montreal photographer Selena Phillips-Boyle. These photos were originally shot and posted on Tumblr during a trip to Zürich in May 2013. Happy #throwbackthursday!

Cet article de blogue sur la photographie de portrait Life by Selena était produit par Selena Phillips-Boyle, photographe montréalaise.