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32 : Katie & Larissa

In my version of the story, it all started with guitar duets to the likes of First Aid Kit and Ingrid Michaelson in the living room of my first basement apartment. Five years later, it was an incredible pleasure to spend the day with Katie and Larissa and capture their wedding celebration.

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29 : Cathy & Gianmarco

When I first sat down with Cathy and Gianmarco, they told me they were planning a “big Italian wedding”. Never again will I under-estimate the meaning of those words.

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28 : Jessa & Justin

Light. Photography is all about light. Photographers love to shoot during the “magic hour". Or in a northern city like Edmonton, the magic “two hours”. Just long enough for my engagement session with Jessa and Justin.

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22 : Gus and Adam

The cities of Sydney, London, and Vancouver are evenly distributed across the world’s timezones. In 2012, Gus and Adam, originally from Sydney, were living near London. Due to the political climate at the time, they weren’t legally able to get married in either city. The creative solution? Fly to Canada!

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21 : Stephen and Ashlea

With guests all dolled up in their 1920s attire and the Retrofitz playing some timeless music, Stephen and Ashlea’s wedding was a splendid way to ring in 2016.

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17 : Vik and Becky

My favourite part about weddings is witnessing two people come together to merge their traditions. This was particularly palpable at Vik and Becky’s wedding because of the differences between the Christian and Hindu traditions.

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15 : Matt & Annie

The phrase “backyard wedding” conjures up a potpourri of mental images. This wedding sifted through them all and picked out only the best ones. 

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8 : Michael & Steffi

Photographing this winter wedding in -40C was exhilarating, and resulted in some wonderfully spontaneous images.

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5 : Bree & Tyler

We incorporated many personal details into this fall wedding in Alberta.

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4 : Cathy & Gianmarco

Cue the somewhat worn but never out-of-fashion beachside props: massive weeping willows, warm grains of sand, wild grasses swaying in the wind. 

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